Friday, September 29, 2006

After the Coqui is gone

So when the coqui is no longer here...what then? The Panaewa Rainforest Zoo houses several species of frogs, why not have a place where other countries can send their endangered frogs to be saved and be sent back if needed. It seems that Hawaii is a pretty good place to raise things like frogs, seeds, gmo's (sp). Maybe to soon to even consider this.


claredelune said...

The coqui will never be gone through our intentional efforts, only if we overwhelm habitat (not likely in East Hawaii) or introduce biological controls (very risky).
I'm glad to see you advocating less toxic solutions but we are kidding ourselves to think we will eradicate these frogs.
Amphibian Ark located at the Zoo might infuse new interest and income into the place! It does seem crazy that frogs are going extinct throughout the world and here we are trying to kill "ours"...

KooKee said...

Remember that the female with eggs is not being controlled with the current methods.