Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Request for Help....

To Whom It May Concern, This is an open email about the coqui frogs to all who live in Hawaii especially the elected public officials. The public officials should be doing more about this problem, yes "MORE" about this it has been changed from ERADICATE to CONTROL the funding is quickly drying up. With the recent article about the Picture Wing Fly soon to be added to the Endangered Species list (see attached link) a form of the insect that is only found here and has no defense against the coqui frog, it's past time to act on ERADICATING this frog from the islands. This is possible, the information that is being given to the public is lacking, the coqui's are getting larger, more aggressive in it's feeding habits and quickly adapting to all climatic areas/conditions. Australia has a similar situation with the Cane Toad (link from news.mongobay) and they got them from us!
The Senators/Representatives only need to come up to the Big Island and see for me and I'll personally conduct the tour and give them a complete demonstration of how to get rid of/ERADICATE this pest that threatens our fragile and unique ecosystem. The EXPERTS have given up .... don't you think it's worth the trip up here to see if what I'm saying is true?

ps. here's a link to the official EPA blog in favor of the coqui...


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