Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Vanishing Frog by Jeff Corwin

Found this link to "How Stuff Works" that had Jeff Corwins Animal Planet special in full! Please take the time to watch this, it's about 54 minutes in length. You may have to copy the link and paste it into your browser.

This next link is to a San Juan Star article written by Jason Simms a freelance writer, the link is to his blog with a copy of the article. It states that the Neverland hotel has coqui's.

Finally this one is a link to the PIJAC and how the CA Fish & Game Commission has listed the coqui as a "restricted list for importation, transportation or possession"
The new restrictions went into effect April 12,2008.

Hawaii should be concerned as California now has a reason to refuse shipments because of coqui's, not only on plants but in household items,cars,pallets ect. With the coqui now being found on Oahu they will only multiply as they did on the Big Island. As to their ability to survive the drier climate...they do fine in Kona.

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