Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Female eating male

Had put these 3 coqui's into a plastic container to take photographs and left them overnight and in the morning found that the larger female was attempting to eat the male. The second photo is of the 2 females with the regurgitated partially digested male, I thought she would have perished with her mouth opened like that for approx. 24hours.


labford said...

Aloha, Mark!

Hope the females do this more often. Thank you for all your good info on coquis.

I was at the Yano Hall meeting and your info was great. You are a good speaker.

I was very interested in your coqui locating device. Where can I get a parts list for the device so I can build one for this area?


Larry Ford

labford said...


I heard your presentation at Yano Hall and want to speak with you. The County Council needs to hear about your experiences.

Call my office at 326-5684 (or leave a message at the house at 323-2323).

Brenda Ford, Councilwoman

KooKee said...

You need to get the Sonic Ear hearing aid device $25-$40 and a bowl/tupperware to mount it in. I'll try to put up a photo tutorial.